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Cast Iron Guttering

At the Cast Iron Superstore using a UK manufacturer we have access to the largest stocks of all cast iron guttering, and rainwater products. We also have painted and primed options for all products.

We have a full range of cast iron gutters and downpipe products, including:

Plus a full range of cast iron fittings, hopper heads and much more.

We offer first class customer service, with a ‘the customer is always right’ attitude. With our many years experience in the rainwater industry we are able to give all of our customers a truly satisfying working relationship.

We supply direct to both trade and public & offer the most competitive prices along with the best quality cast iron products on the market.

Choose from cast iron guttering, cast iron downpipes, cast iron hopper heads, Cast Iron Downpipe Brackets and much more!


We also deliver direct to you, wherever you need. Delivery is free if you spend over £500, or £29.50 otherwise.

Got a guttering or rainwater project? Cast Iron Superstore is #JusttheJob

Cast iron gutters and cast iron guttering products have been a popular choice for many years. They're timeless, elegant and hard-wearing, giving a classic look to any building. Modern cast iron gutters and cast iron downpipes look elegant, are extremely strong and can last a lifetime.

Cast iron guttering is also much more durable than plastic guttering, and does not crack or fade when exposed to the British weather.

It's also a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution too, as it can be recycled when it finally comes to the end of its life.

Cast iron gutters have been a part of the UK's architecture since 1709. At the time, cast iron gutters were preferred because they were affordable. Over the years, cast iron gutters proved to have other benefits: their strengths and longevity.

Despite the introduction of gutters made from other materials, cast iron gutters have remained a mainstay, especially for period properties owners that want to keep the property’s original features. Cast iron gutters offer a distinct look to the property regardless of age, giving it a sleek and elegant appearance. Cast iron gutters work particularly well with beautifully crafted double-glazing.

Cast Iron Superstore allows you to experience the beauty and strength of cast iron gutters through our vast collection of cast iron gutters to cater to all client’s needs and applications.

Benefits of Cast Iron Guttering

Cast iron gutters present clients with multiple benefits, especially when properly installed. These benefits include;

Vintage aesthetic

Cast iron gutters have a unique appearance, one of the major selling points of cast iron gutters, especially for buildings around the Victorian era. The gutters look right at home on the older heritage and listed properties. The rugged appearance of cast iron is such a hot selling point that other gutter materials often come in a texturized look that mimics that of cast iron.


Cast iron gutters can last up to 70 years. The gutters are strong and stand up well to rough weather. With adequate maintenance, the gutters will easily outlast most of the other guttering options giving you more value for money.

Minimal maintenance

Because cast iron gutters are stronger, they require less maintenance and make maintenance easier. 

Strong, durable and robust

Cast iron gutters can withstand all weather conditions. They don't get easily blocked, and they can also resist damage from hot liquid. Cast iron gutters don't warp or fade in the sun. The gutters are also strong enough to hold the weight of a ladder during maintenance. Every aspect of cast iron gutters exhibits a diverse range of benefits.


Besides the performance benefits that cast iron gutters to offer, they are also safe for the environment. The gutters don't leech harmful chemicals into the soil. Cast iron is also recyclable.

A Diverse Range of Cast Iron Gutters

Cast Iron Superstore stocks a vast range of cast iron gutters to cater to all restoration and replacement works. Our range of cast iron gutters comes in various configurations to guarantee the best experience and performance for every application. Our range of cast iron gutters includes;

Half-round cast iron gutters

Half rounds are the most common type of cast iron gutters. They are ideal for most general applications and structures. You can use this type of gutter for most average buildings and applications. The gutters come in various sizes and lengths to suit the project's needs. Cast Iron Superstore can deliver the guttering in a pre-painted black finish and a primed finish for on-site painting for customers looking for a custom finish.

Beaded half-round

Our beaded half-round range of cast iron gutters features a decorative bead on the edges of the gutter. This gutter profile is prevalent in areas like the North of England and Scotland. Besides adding the decorative bead, everything else about the beaded half-round gutter is identical to the traditional half-round.

The gutters come in various colours, including a pre-painted, high-quality black paint finish and primed finish for painting on site. We can also deliver the gutters in other colours, but these are made to order.

Victorian ogee

The Victorian ogee gutter is an elegant profile that blends well with the luxurious architecture. It spots a flatter profile and is reminiscent of the popular style of cast iron guttering that was mainly used in the Victorian era. Victorian ogee profile gutters usually feature in heritage buildings, mainly in conservation areas.

Like our other collections, this type of gutter comes in various standard RAL colours. Our standard stock options are pre-painted, semi-gloss black, and we can also deliver the cutters primed for on-site painting. The other options are available on order.

Moulded ogee

The moulded ogee cast iron gutter profile is fully inspired by the 19th-century cast iron gutters. The profile has a deeper profile than the Victorian ogee allowing it to carry more water. Moulded ogee gutters also have a sharply featured decorative profile and commonly feature heritage buildings in conservation areas.

The Cast Iron Superstore features gutters in various options and sizes. Besides the standard pre-painted black and primed finishes, the gutters come in several RAL colours.

Deep half-round

Deep half-round profiles are perfect for large homes and commercial properties. This profile looks similar to the half-round but is deeper, allowing it to harvest and divert nearly double the amount of water. You can also use the deep half-round profile for steep roofs or properties in areas with frequent heavy rainfall. The gutters come in the same configurations as the half-round in terms of colour and finishes.

Why Buy Cast Iron Gutters from Cast Iron Superstore

Cast Iron Superstore is a leading cast iron supplier in the UK, offering a full range of cast iron solutions, including fittings. You should buy your gutters from us because;

  • Our cast iron gutters come in a vast range of configurations. The diversity of our selections makes it easy for customers to find the best gutters for their applications. Besides the stock range, we also have several options to deliver on order, especially regarding finishing.
  • We offer fast, next-day, nationwide delivery for all standard orders. We are keen on delivering quality materials on time to ensure every project stays on track. We also have a short turnaround for specially manufactured bespoke items.
  • We have the best prices in the market. We have the lowest price guarantee that ensures our prices are never beaten. You get the best quality guttering for the lowest prices.
  • We offer free technical advice to help you pick the best guttering systems for your project or property. 

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