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Notts OG

Notts OG

Just click on the type of Notts OG Guttering you require and the site will display all the products you are likely to need to finish the job.

Ogee gutters or ‘Old Georgian’ refers to any architectural design that incorporates a double curve with the shape of an elongated 'S.' this is perfect for projects that require a clean profiled installation.

The Ogee gutters also bring that decorative look without edging out the custom-built fascia style. The Victorian Ogee is available in a range of sizes to suit most applications and the Moulded ogee offers a more substantial ‘deepflow’ gutter.

Benefits of Cast Iron Ogee Gutters

We stock a full range of cast iron ogee gutters at the Cast Iron Superstore, ready for delivery. Our range of gutters has various benefits that make them the perfect selection for the right project.

Unique design

The most notable benefit of cast-iron ogee gutters is their unique appearance. Ogee gutters bring a unique and appealing design. The gutters will easily add uniqueness and character to every building they are installed in. They have a decorative double-curved front that resembles a crown moulding effect that works perfectly for most traditional buildings. Effective design

Although the front of our cast-iron ogee gutters looks fancy, the back and bottom of the gutters are flat. The unique design gives this range of gutters the same benefits as the box gutters. They are effective in diverting water and reducing splashes.

Strength and durability

Like other cast iron gutter profiles, cast-iron ogee gutters are not any different. The gutters feature the same strength and durability that other cast iron gutters are known for. With little maintenance, the gutters will easily last several decades before showing signs of wear and tear.

The gutters are also super strong. They are perfect for homes in areas with wild weather and strong winds. The gutters will stand up to any weather and not get ripped from the house.

Unlike most materials, cast-iron ogee gutters are highly resistant to distortion caused by vandalism or accidents. The gutters can also withstand the weight of ladders for roof maintenance, and they will not bend or sag under the weight of snow or heavy storms.


Cast iron is an environmentally friendly material. Cast iron is 100% recyclable, meaning you can recycle the gutters at the end of life. During its long service, cast-iron ogee gutters don't leech harmful chemicals into the soil, which allows you to grow plants and flowers around the areas you divert the water to.

Easy to repair

As cast iron nears its end of life, it will develop tiny cracks and holes because of corrosion. You can quickly fix the holes with no more than standard service.

A Wide Range of Cast Iron Ogee Gutters

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of cast iron ogee gutters to match the needs of all our clients. Our cast-iron ogee gutters feature gutters in various standard and customised lengths to suit different projects and architectural styles.

We can also deliver the gutters in different finishes, including a grey primed finish for on-site painting. Besides impressive gutter range selection, we also have the full range of fittings and downpipes for cast-iron ogee gutters in stock to make proper installation easy and effective.

Cast Iron Superstore – Leading Cast Iron Ogee Guttering Supplier in the UK

Cast Iron Superstore is a leading online supplier of cast-iron ogee gutters and other cast iron gutter products and fittings. We have a fully stocked warehouse with our standard products ready for next-day delivery and short turnaround times for customised products and requests.

We guarantee the quality of our cast iron gutters. We are passionate about providing our customers with the best experience when shopping for their cast iron gutters from us. Some of the reasons you should buy your cast iron Ogee gutters from us include;


We have a comprehensive range of cast iron ogee gutters in our stock. We can supply the gutters in a variety of lengths and finishes. The gutters are available in a high-quality industry in-transit prime. This range is delivered ready for customised painting on site. We can also deliver the gutters in our semi-gloss black paint finish or several other finishes on request.

Fast delivery

We have cast-iron ogee gutters ready for next-day delivery. Our warehouse has huge stocks of your desired gutter products ready for delivery. With our fast and efficient delivery logistics, we will ensure your project stays on course.

Bespoke items

We offer specially manufactured products for clients looking for unique designs and takeoffs from architectural drawings. This allows us to cater to the needs of all our clients regardless of how unique they are. You can trust us to deliver to order and on time.

Best price guarantee

We will not just offer you the best quality products but also offer you the best prices with our lowest price match guarantee. Our prices will not be beaten. If you can find any supplier with lower prices for the same quality products, we will match that price.

Technical advice

We have a team of experts with decades of experience in cast iron gutters. If you're unsure what type of gutters you should buy for your property or home, we can offer free technical advice to ensure you get the best gutters that will give you the most value.

Excellent customer service

We take a “the customer is always right” approach with every customer. We take time to listen and understand the needs of every customer to deliver a truly satisfying working relationship and ensure we deliver value for our customers.

We will also provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your order with our first-class customer service.

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