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Cast Iron Hopper Heads

Cast Iron Hopper Heads

Hopper heads are an integral part of the guttering system. The hopper head sits about 100mm above the outlet pipe. It helps collect water from the gutters and divert it to the downpipe. Like other aspects of your rainwater collection system, the hoppers are produced from the same robust material as the gutters and downpipes are manufactured using the same traditional casting methods.

If you're restoring a traditional building and want to maintain that heritage effect, our cast iron hopper heads are perfect. Most period houses, especially those in the Victorian era, featured cast iron rainwater collection systems, and these hoppers will fit right in.

Functions of Cast Iron Hopper Heads

Cast iron hopper heads serve several functions within the guttering system and for your property:

Ornamental effect

Although this is not the most critical function of cast iron hoppers, it is the most touted. This range of hopper heads provides an excellent opportunity to customise dates and other intricate details to the exterior of your building. While this is essential, particularly for Victorian-era houses looking to maintain their original appearance, it is not the only reason you should go for cast iron hoppers.


Homes with an intricate gutter system could benefit from having a hopper head instead of having the outlet pipe directly connected to the gutters.

Installing hoppers reduces the number of downpipes required, giving the building a cleaner and neater exterior appearance. It allows multiple gutters to empty into one hopper, which is then attached to one downpipe instead of having a downpipe at the end of every gutter.

Syphoning flow

In the Victorian era, cast iron downpipes were narrower than what is available today. However, the pipes still needed to carry significant water during a heavy downpour. Instead of trying to build bigger pipes, Victorians devised a genius idea – the hopper head.

The pipes can only carry about one-third of the water capacity without the hopper head. The hopper fills up with water and diverts it to the outlet pipe, creating a syphoning flow that causes the drainpipe to fill itself with kgs of water and pulls a vacuum that sucks itself out with a rush. This gives the pipe up to 66% more extra capacity. This makes hopper heads crucial for homes in areas that receive high rainfall.

Advantages of Cast Iron Hopper Heads

Because cast iron hopper heads are made from the same materials as cast iron gutters and cast iron downpipes, they provide the same benefits that cast iron is famously known for. These include:

Longevity and durability

Cast iron guttering systems have the longest lifespan. The hopper heads will easily last up to 70 years and require minimal maintenance. They are thick and heavy, allowing them to withstand rough weather and accidental damage during maintenance, like placing a ladder on the hoppers.

Vintage appearance

Cast iron is highly preferred among homes and commercial properties that want to maintain that vintage appearance. Rainwater hoppers are particularly interesting because, besides the natural texturised cast-iron appearance, they also allow owners to customise and add ornamental details on the sides of the hoppers for a more authentic traditional appearance.

Environmentally friendly

Cast iron is fully recyclable, which reduces pressure on the environment. Once your gutter system gets to the end of its life, you can have it recycled.

Cast iron hoppers also don't leech harmful chemicals into the soil or water table, especially if you have a garden.

Choose from a Wide Range of Designs

Cast Iron Superstore stocks a wide range of cast iron hoppers. We have designs available to suit the needs of our clients. If you can’t find a design that works for you, please enquire. We offer customised designs which could cater to the type of design you want.

Other than the design, our hopper heads also come in various colours. The hoppers can be supplied either in a grey transit coat for painting on-site or in a black finish. We can also deliver them across multiple custom colours on request.

We have hoppers with varying outlet sizes, including 2.5" to 4x3" outlets. Regardless of your outlet needs, we have hoppers that get the job done.

Benefits of Our Cast Iron Hopper Heads

Choosing to purchase cast iron hopper heads from the Cast Iron Superstore is the best decision. We offer numerous benefits that make our products and services stand out.

High Quality Coating

Our cast iron hopper heads feature high-quality protective coating. The four-stage wet paint process protects the material from weather elements by creating a strong barrier. The coat also gives the hoppers a professional and appealing finish.

Stocked in the UK

Our cast iron hopper heads are made using high manufacturing and quality standards, and supplied from a vast range of hoppers in our warehouse in the UK, ready for delivery as soon as the next day.

Personalised and customised

We can personalise the hoppers with dates, initials, and logos for property owners who want to add a customised and personalised touch to their buildings.

We can also customise the ornamental aspect of the hoppers to guarantee you get unique hoppers that stand out and complement the architectural design of the building.

Strong and durable

With the Cast Iron Superstore, you're always assured of the best quality products at all times. Our designs are functional and aimed at providing you with long-term service with minimal maintenance. This remains true for our cast iron hopper heads as well.

Expert technical advice

We understand that most of our clients aren’t experienced in gutters and might not be sure of the gutters that will work best for them.

With our free technical advice, clients can leverage our years of experience in the field to get valuable information to help them select the perfect cast iron hoppers and other guttering products that will match their needs perfectly.

Lowest price match guarantee

We offer the best prices for the best quality products. If you find better prices elsewhere, we will match them.

Choose from cast iron guttering, cast iron downpipes, cast iron hopper heads, Cast Iron Downpipe Brackets and much more!

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