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2.5" Round Cast Iron Downpipes

2.5" Round

2.5" / 63mm round cast iron downpipe products are available in painted semi-gloss black or transit-primed finishes.

Cast iron guttering systems are strong and incredibly resistant to damage, with a life expectancy of over 100 years. Our round cast iron downpipes are both decorative and durable, able to withstand tough weather conditions and potential damage from transportation and vandalism.

63mm downpipes are one of the most popular sizes in the UK. This is because it has a large area to collect rainwater while remaining relatively small, so it can be installed in many different places around the home.

63mm downpipes are primarily fitted with 4" and 5" cast iron gutters, although they can be fitted to larger gutters. Our round cast iron downpipes are made to a high standard and are available in different lengths ranging from 2ft to 6ft. This ensures you can select the right size for your home or property.

ARP manufactures the Britannia cast iron guttering range using traditional sand die casts to ensure an authentic cast iron finish for period properties. ARP cast iron downpipes are manufactured to BS460:1964 and comply with all listed building, heritage and conservation requirements, making them ideal for replacing traditional cast iron systems.

Benefits of 2.5" / 63mm Downpipes

Here's why you should get a genuine cast iron downpipe:


Our downpipes are manufactured using traditional sand die casts and are supplied by ARP, a leading metal guttering manufacturer. These downpipes are made of cast iron, which has a longer life span compared to other materials due to its ability to resist rust.

The durability also makes it possible to use them for a long time without worrying about replacing them anytime soon.

Easy Installation

Britannia cast iron downpipes have been manufactured in standard sizes, making them easier to match and fit existing cast iron guttering systems.

This rainwater pipe system is a socketed system with a male and female end interlocked to form the joint. You need to use a low modulus sealant to create a waterproof seal between two surfaces.

You can download a detailed downpipe installation guide and technical information from our Technical Guides page.

Increased Flow Rate

Another great benefit of 63mm downpipes is that they provide an increased flow rate compared to smaller diameters. This means that more water can pass through your guttering at any given time, so less water will be collected in your gutters if there's heavy rainfall or a storm nearby. This is especially important if you live in an area with frequent storms during the winter months or on rainy days during the summer months when storms are more likely to occur!

Lower Maintenance Costs

With a larger pipe, you will have less of an issue with leaking, which means you'll be able to save money on repairs. The size of the pipe also allows you to use a more durable material, which means that it will last much longer than a smaller one. In addition, because there is less chance of leakage, there is less chance of damage to your home and garden.

A Huge Range of 63mm Downpipes

Our 63mm downpipes are available in various lengths and can be supplied with or without ears (collars) in a painted or transit-primed finish.

A semi-gloss black paint is available as standard, with other colour options available on request. Contact us to discuss the colour range available.

The round style suits modern and period properties and allows water to run off quickly from the roof edge to the downpipe, keeping everything nice and dry. It also makes it easier for rainwater to drain off your roof efficiently.

63mm downpipe guttering is a durable pipe and a popular size for most UK homes. This size suits most roof types and is a good starting point when deciding what size gutter you need.

The 2.5" / 63mm cast iron downpipe guttering is available in four lengths:

  • 2ft length downpipe with or without ears
  • 3ft length downpipe with or without ears
  • 4ft length downpipe with or without ears
  • 6ft length downpipe with or without ears

We also supply a cast iron inspection downpipe (access pipe) available with or without ears (welded collar or non-eared collar).

All cast iron downpipes are supplied with nuts, bolts and washers for jointing and a full accessory range for fitting.

The Leading Guttering Supplier in the UK

Your guttering system is an important part of your property. The part of the house collects water from your roof and moves it away from your property. How you install your gutters can greatly impact the quality of your home, so it's important to choose a good system.

Cast iron superstore has been supplying quality products for years. We proudly offer the best cast iron gutter systems in the UK.

Here's why you should buy from our store:

Affordable Prices

At Cast Iron Superstore, we offer affordable, high-quality cast iron products that our customers have trusted for years. Our prices are always affordable because we understand the needs of our customers.

Timely Delivery

People choose us over other retailers because we have UK stock with short delivery lead times and no delivery fee on all orders over £500 to mainland UK addresses. A small carriage charge is applied to any non-mainland delivery address.

More information about standard delivery charges and standard returns policies can be found on our delivery and returns page.

All orders are delivered directly from our UK supplier, with a same-day despatch available for stocked 'primed' items ready for painting.

Friendly Customer Support

Our customer support team can be reached via phone or email. If you have any queries regarding our products or services, don't hesitate to contact us on 01296 674099 or through our contact form.

Whether you have a question about your existing cast iron system or are unsure which products are right for your property, our team will be happy to help.

So, if you're looking for reliable cast iron downpipes and guttering systems, look no further than Cast Iron Superstore!

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