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Cast Iron Downpipes

Cast Iron Downpipes

At the Cast Iron Superstore we have a huge range of painted or primed Cast Iron Guttering products available in stock for Next Day Delivery, all produced using traditional castings and an improved range of paint finishes.

Just click on the type of Cast Iron Downpipes you require, and the site will display all the products you are likely to need to finish the job

We have a range of Technical and Installation Guides available for you to download with all installation instructions and technical data.

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Cast iron downpipes are ideal for heritage and listed properties. They are also an excellent choice for restoration work in conservation areas. After centuries of use with amazing durability and strength, it's evident that you can never go wrong with cast iron downpipes.

At Cast Iron Superstore, we have a full range of cast iron downpipes in various configurations. Whether you're working on a Victorian-era project or a modern property, we have unique cast iron downpipes that will fit right in with your current project.

Profiles, Dimensions and Sizes

We stock cast iron downpipes from the most reputable foundries like Britannia. The downpipes are made from traditional die casts, making them stand out in heritage or listed projects. You can choose from various options available depending on your needs and preferences.

Round Downpipes

Our round cast iron downpipes range comes in various sizes, lengths, and finishes. You can find the pipes in 2.5", 3", and 4" profiles and lengths of up to three metres depending on the requirements of the projects.

Standard finishes for the round cast iron downpipes include grey primed, delivered ready for on-site painting, and a semi-gloss, black, high-quality factory finish. We can also deliver the pipes in a selected range of colours.

Cast Iron Downpipe accessories

We have an extensive range of cast iron downpipe accessories that adapt to your current rainwater system and help install the new downpipes. The standard accessories we offer at Cast Iron Superstore include:

  • Shoes
  • Top offsets
  • Side offsets
  • Plinth offsets
  • Branches
  • Bends
  • Loose clips
  • Loose socket with spigot
  • Square to round connectors
  • Special bends
  • Special offsets
  • Access plates
  • Rodding eyes

At Cast Iron Superstore, you have everything you need to install the new downpipes and make the most out of your rainwater collection system.

Benefits of Cast iron Downpipes

Cast iron downpipes are not as common as they once were because cheaper alternatives have replaced them. However, that doesn't take away from the benefits of having cast iron guttering products. While you may find cheaper options, cast iron downpipes are tested. They have excellent advantages, which is why they have remained relevant after so many years.


Cast iron downpipes are incredibly strong and don't deflect or sag under load. They are perfect for homes in areas with heavy rainfall and snow, and they also make maintenance easier because you don't have to worry about the positioning of the ladder.


Cast iron downpipes are sturdy and easily handle the challenges of site handling. The pipes have a low coefficient of expansion and contraction; therefore, they don't need an expansion joint.

Cast iron has high resistance to impact, making the downpipes perfect for busy areas like car parks and schools where the exposed pipework is exposed to damage or vandalism.


Cast iron downpipes have an extensive lifespan. The pipes will easily last between 70 and 100 years with adequate maintenance. The downpipes will easily withstand the challenges of mechanical unblocking and maintenance.

The pipes do not warp or fade in the sun. Our range has pipes finished in a protective primer and a high-specification wet paint coating for enhanced performance when exposed to aggressive substances or environments.

Fire resistant

Cast iron is non-combustible. This unique quality makes it ideal for use in public buildings like hospitals and schools. In case of a fire, the pipes will not contribute to spreading the flames. They will not melt or drip, and they will not emit toxic fumes.


Cast iron downpipes benefit your pockets, property and the environment. They have a low carbon footprint impact because they are 100% recyclable and do not add harmful chemicals to the water or the soil where the water drains.


Cast iron downpipes have been in use since the 15th-century. We supply cast iron downpipes made using traditional casting styles and die-casts that stay true to the historical styles and preserve the original aesthetics of the pipes and the buildings in which they are installed.

Our cast iron downpipes are perfect for listed buildings requiring genuine pipes that will retain the original strength, character, and integrity of the original rainwater system.


We go a step further and offer a range of customisable solutions for your clients looking for unique details, designs and lengths and sizes in cast iron pipes. We work with leading foundries with the right experience to guarantee exceptional performance and match the specifications of your projects.

Leading Cast Iron Downpipes Supplier in the UK

Cast Iron Superstore is a leading cast iron downpipes supplier with extensive experience.

We have partnered with the most reputable cast iron brands to deliver a comprehensive range of guttering solutions. With us:

  • You have a wide selection of cast iron gutters to choose from. Our selection caters to the needs of all clients regardless of how demanding they are.
  • We offer next-day delivery for standard orders. With our fast and efficient delivery network, you're assured of keeping up with project deadlines without compromising the quality of the gutters you use.
  • We offer free technical advice, samples and quotes to help you decide on the best cast iron downpipe for you.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, we have an experienced, easy-to-reach customer support team willing to listen and provide assistance.
  • You get free take-offs from architectural buildings and get specially manufactured and bespoke items for unique projects.

Choose from cast iron guttering, cast iron downpipes, cast iron hopper heads, Cast Iron Downpipe Brackets and much more!

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