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3" Round Cast Iron Downpipes

3" Round

A 3" round cast downpipe (76mm downpipe) is a popular choice as it's a standard size and can fit existing cast iron guttering systems. The main benefit of this type of guttering is that it's easy to install and replace if necessary.

Our 3" downpipe is available painted in gloss black or transit primed (unpainted) with a grey primer.

The 3" downpipe is one of the most common sizes of rainwater pipes in the UK. It is made from cast iron and comes in a wide range of colours to match your roof or other elements of your home's exterior.

These downpipes are usually placed directly below the eave line or above the soffit line (if you have an overhang), depending on where you want them to direct water away from your home. They usually have small holes drilled into them regularly so rainwater can flow through them easily without becoming blocked with debris or silt.

For effective drainage for your building, when you live in heavy rainfall areas, you can get the 125mm guttering from Cast Iron superstore anywhere in the UK.

Benefits of 3" Downpipes (76mm Round Downpipes)

There are many benefits to this size of the gutter, and it is not just a matter of personal preference. These benefits are:

Better Drainage:

3" downpipe systems can cope with greater volumes of water because they have a larger surface area to catch the water from your roof. The increased size means that guttering can better withstand the force of heavy rain.


Installing a 3" downpipe system is cost-effective in the long term, with cast iron rainwater systems having an exceptional service life. Some cast iron drainage systems have been known to last for more than one hundred years.

Improved Design Flexibility:

A 3" downpipe system is suitable for all roofs and can be used on pitched or flat roofs without any problems whatsoever. This means that you will be able to design your roof in any way you want to without having to worry about whether the downpipe will fit your property or not!

A Huge Range of 3" Downpipe

We have a huge range of 3" downpipes that can be used to replace your old or damaged ones. We also have a huge range of spout extensions and wall brackets that you can use to fit your new downpipe on your property. In addition, we have everything from gutter hangers and elbows to gutter covers and access covers, so come see us today!

We have been providing quality roofing products at affordable prices for years. So, we have built up our reputation by offering customers the best value for money without compromising on quality.

Our extensive cast iron range includes downpipe accessories and all cast iron brackets, bends, shoes and branches required to install your system.

Things to Consider During Installation

When installing 3" downpipes with gutters, there are a few things to consider. The first thing is the size of the pipe that you are going to use. This depends on the size of your roof and the height of your gutter. 

The second thing you need to consider is whether or not you want to use cast iron, uPVC, or another metal, like aluminium or steel, for your downpipes. Cast Iron is typically more expensive to install than other materials, but it will last longer because it is stronger and less likely to rust over time.

The Leading Guttering Supplier in the UK

Guttering is one of those things that you overlook until it starts to get damaged. If you have any guttering problems, replacing them as soon as possible is always a good idea. The problem is that it can be very expensive, especially if you have an older house. However, there is a way that you can save money on your guttering replacement, and that's by buying it from Cast Iron Superstore.

Here is what you get when you buy from us:

Affordable Prices

The guttering we sell is made by the most trusted brands in the industry. Our prices are also very affordable, so you can get high-quality guttering at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, we have a vast range of traditional cast iron guttering products designed to fit existing profiles, so you won’t always need to unnecessarily replace your entire drainage system.

Timely Delivery

We understand that you want your order as soon as possible, so we ensure that all orders are processed and shipped as soon as possible. Some transit-primed downpipes are ready to ship, while painted products can be dispatched within 7-10 working days. 

We offer a nationwide delivery service to UK mainland postcodes and free delivery for all orders over £500.

Friendly Customer Support

If you have any questions or concerns about our products or services, please don't hesitate to contact us through our online chat or phone line. Our friendly customer support team will be glad to help you with any query that may arise during your shopping experience with us!

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