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Cast Iron Downpipe Brackets

Choosing the right downpipe bracket for your gutters is just as important as selecting the gutters themselves. The brackets play a critical role in ensuring the gutters are secured and are crucial to installing them.

At Cast Iron Superstore, we are dedicated to helping our clients make the most out of our cast iron downpipes by providing them with the full range of fittings, including cast iron downpipes brackets that come in various configurations. With our diverse range of cast iron brackets, you're assured of finding something that matches your needs and requirements.

Importance of Cast Iron Downpipe Brackets

Cast iron downpipe brackets play several pivotal roles in your rainwater collection system. Considering each of these roles when buying the gutters is critical. It ensures you get the best brackets for the job.


We supply cast iron downpipes in several lengths. Because cast iron downpipes are heavy, they need to be fastened to the wall to keep them firmly in place. We have a vast range of brackets for cast iron downpipes designed to cater to various types of downpipes, including circular, square and rectangular profiles.


Cast iron downpipes are naturally strong. But as the length increases, the pipes become susceptible to damage. Using the correct brackets can help reinforce the strength of the downpipes. The brackets are installed at regular intervals to help secure the pipe and protect it from damage caused by swaying wildly in storms. By extension, the brackets safeguard the downpipes from damage and the entire guttering system.


It's impossible to think about cast iron downpipes and gutters without considering the aesthetic aspect. Cast Iron gutters are known for their aesthetic appeal. So much, so that other types of gutters try to copy the same appearance.

Cast iron downpipes brackets are not any different. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs to keep up with the aesthetic notoriety of cast iron guttering systems. We can also supply the downpipe brackets in varying colours depending on the client's requirement.

Types of Cast Iron Downpipe Brackets

You can choose from different brackets depending on your selected installation method. Each type of fastener has unique benefits and downsides, which you should consider when selecting the option that works best for you.

Spikes and ferrules

Spikes and ferrules are a popular type of fastener that is not considered a bracket. They have a spike that is driven through a metal tube or can have a ferrule that fastens the gutter system to the fascia. Spikes and ferrules are inexpensive and easy to install. However, they have the down of expanding and contracting as the temperatures rise or fall and, over time, become loose.

You should also avoid this type of fastener for wooden fascia boards because the spike can split the fascia board.


Brackets are the most common method of fastening cast iron downpipes. The brackets are small pieces of metal designed in the profile of the downpipe that clasp the pipe against the wall. The brackets are the most effective method of securing downpipes.

One of the benefits of brackets is they come in varying designs. Some of the common designs cast iron downpipe brackets will come in include Maltese cross, cloverleaf, ramshorn, floral and Fleur de Lys. These varieties are highly details and make the perfect selection when aesthetics is a priority, but you don't want to lose strength and functionality at the same time.

Because of the way the brackets are installed, they can better resist contraction and expansion and provide a firm and secure grasp on the downpipe longer.

What to Consider When Purchasing Cast Iron Downpipe Brackets

Although you have plenty of options when buying cast iron downpipe brackets, choosing the best ones is not a matter of personal preference only. You need to consider several factors to pick the best possible options.

How are the gutters attached to the building?

The first consideration is how you will attach the gutters and downpipes to the house. If you use weak brackets, they won't support the downpipe's weight and the water it carries, especially if it gets blocked.

You should also consider the material on the sides of your home. Go for strong brackets capable of working with the rest of the structure. With our selection of cast iron downpipes, this shouldn't be a challenge.

Size and profile of the downpipes

Brackets come in various sizes and profiles to match different downpipes. When buying the brackets, you must ensure you purchase them in the right size and shape to work with your downpipes. If the brackets are too small, they won't fit. If they are too big, they have a loose fit, and they won't secure the downpipes well.

Nature of the weather

Some areas don't receive as much rainfall as others. If you live in an area that receives heavy snow and wild storms, investing in strong brackets that fit correctly becomes even more critical. If the weather is fair in your region, you can afford to skimp back on the brackets.


Finally, you must consider aesthetics when choosing cast iron downpipe brackets. Luckily, there's no shortage of appealing designs and colours to match your needs. We have an extensive collection of brackets in all designs, shapes and colours. All you have to do is pick the one you like best.

Leading Cast Iron Downpipe Brackets Supplier in the UK

Having a reliable supplier who delivers quality brackets on time every time is one of the best things a client can ask for. Cast Iron Superstore is a leading supplier with years of experience delivering quality cast iron guttering solutions across the UK.

We have built an efficient system that guarantees our clients get the most value, the best quality, and experience when shopping for their brackets and other cast iron gutters and fittings from us.

We have a compassionate and easy-to-reach customer support team ready to assist you in any way possible and the lowest price match guarantee to ensure you always get the best deals.

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